Saturday, January 31, 2015

Josh Hoyer and the Shadowboxers - Living by the Minute

2015 – Silver Street Records  
By Phillip Smith; Jan 31, 2015

One might think this has to be a Detroit or Memphis band upon first listen, but Josh Hoyer and the Shadowboxers actually are from Lincoln Nebraska.  This is where the members of the band met and began creating some of the coolest and funkiest sounds being made today.  Living by the Minute, Hoyer’s electric sophomore album, is one big bowl of fun.  With Hoyer holding down the B2 and lead vocals, the Shadowboxers consist of guitarist Benny Kushner, drummer Justin G. Jones, and bassist Josh Bargar, along with Mike Dee on saxophone and Tommy Van Den Berg on trombone.

Hoyer suavely attacks the soulful "Blood and Bone" much like James Brown would’ve back at the Apollo, tossing out little growls like vocal grenades.  A funky bassline from Barger leads Hoyer and company through the Isaac Hayes influenced “Misfit Children”.  This is definitely one of my favorites.  Pure energy seems to emit from the pulsating, dance-friendly “Real Time”.  I could very well see Sharon Jones covering this one.  Backing vocalists Hanna Bendler, Kim Moser, and Megan Spain are a lovely addition to the stand-out track, “A Man Who Believes His Own Lies”. This song is the pocket Aces on the album.

Living by the Minute is pure satisfaction. It doesn't get much better than this.

For more information on Josh Hoyer and the Shadowboxers, visit their website at

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