Sunday, July 12, 2015

BillyLee Janey - Got Them Iowa Blues

2015 –Damn Good Tunes
By Phillip Smith; July 12, 2015

In 1975, BillyLee Janey recorded the critically-acclaimed psych-blues album Truth and Janey’s No Rest For the Wicked. Give his latest album, Got Them Iowa Blues a listen and one will find out very fast, Janey is still pushing the envelope of sound, producing some of the best electric guitar blues around.  Joining Janey in the making of this album is his son, Bryce Janey on bass guitar, and drummer Eric Douglas.

From the get-go on “Damn Good” Janey breaks out his satchel full of swagger, and delivers some of the most wickedly interesting guitar licks I’ve heard.  Listening to “Superstar” sends chills down my spine.  I don’t know how he does it, but his guitar speaks a different language than most.  It’s simply amazing to hear all these cools sounds immersed in a big bowlful of blues.  I love the driving funky beat from guest drummer, John Wilson on “Mean Ole Twister”.  Janey channels the chaos and furious force of an F5 tornado into this tune, and drops a subtle Wizard of Oz reference which makes me smile.  

Those who have ever lived in Iowa will surely understand where Janey is coming from as he sings about frigid winters, hail storms, and Midwest tornados in the slow-simmered “Iowa Blues”.  The man knows how to play the blues, that’s for sure.  I could listen this all day.  

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