Saturday, December 2, 2017

#305 : 61 Ghosts - … to the Edge

2017 – Bluzpik Media Group
Release Date : June 15, 2017

By Phillip Smith; Nov 28, 2017

… to the Edge, the all-original six-track EP from 61 Ghosts is a pure, raw joy to listen to.  61 Ghosts is comprised of singer/songwriter/guitarist Joe Mazzari (Johnny Thunders), drummer Dixie Deadwood (Leo “Bud” Welch), and bassist J.D. Sipe, who is also known for his outstanding artwork featuring portraits of rock and blues musicians. Recorded at the Clarksdale Soundstage in Clarksdale, Mississippi, To the Edge embraces the rich history of the Mississippi Hill Country Blues, while spinning Mazzari’s sharp, hard-edged lyrics. 

I love the opening track “Heartbeat”.  The rolling beat and scorching guitar riffs pour freely like that of a Springsteen barn-burner.  Mazzari’s gravelly vocals definitely sing from a place of experience.  The song wonderfully rolls right into “No One at Your Door”, a caffeinated breakup song which keeps the heart pounding with a relentless racing rhythm and punkabilly flair.  Mazzari’s poetic prowess portrays a world of hurt in World Gone Crazy”.  His guitar mastery brightly shines as he takes the listener another gloomy step deeper into the abyss of desolation in the heart-felt lament “If Tears Were Dirt”.  Acoustically performed, “Show Me Your Scars” is an absolutely beautiful song about opening up.   It’s a true gem.

The songs of 61 Ghosts are quite exceptional.  Mazzari has such a wonderful way with words, and the proof is abundant on this release.  I am already looking forward to the release of their first full-length album.               




61 Ghosts "Heartbeat" Official Music Video

61 Ghosts "World Gone Crazy" Official Music Video

J.D. Sipe’s artwork can be found here…

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