Saturday, January 6, 2018

#312 : Ghalia & Mama’s Boys - Let the Demons Out

2017 –Ruf Records
Release Date : January 12, 2018

By Phillip Smith; Jan 6, 2018

Belgian singer/songwriter/guitarist Ghalia Vauthier has teamed up with New Orleans’ bluesmen Johnny Mastro and Mama’s Boys to record one hell of a blues-rock album, Let the Demons OutGhalia’s vocals, strong and sexy, sound fantastic paired with Mastro’s blazing harmonica, Smokehouse Brown’s sizzling guitar, Dean Zucchero’s beefy bass, and Rob Lee’s crashing drums. 

To jumpstart the album, Ghalia takes the listener on a late night/early morning food run in “4AM Fried Chicken”.  A dazzling guitar solo from Smokehouse highlights this hopping treat smothered in a bowlful of boogie.   A hypnotizing rhythm sided with a haunting melody driven by Johnny Mastro draws me tightly in to title track “Let the Demons Out”. Ghalia’s vocals on “Press That Trigger” are wonderfully fearless like that of Pat Benatar and Chrissie HyndeJohnny Mastro’s harp is ablaze on “Have You Seen My Woman”.  Smokehouse absolutely tears it up on this one.  Gentle waves of cymbals and a trance-inducing slide guitar riff set the stage as Ghalia beautifully delivers a masterpiece called “Addiction”.  She sings this ballad about love and co-dependence with splendid heartfelt emotion.

Let the Demons Out is a solid album, and a thoroughly delightful listen from start to finish.  Ghalia & Mama’s Boys sound great together and make quite a powerful partnership.  I hope they continue to work together.


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