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#371 : Anthony Gomes - Peace, Love & Loud Guitars

2018 – Up 2 Zero Entertainment

By Phillip Smith; Jan, 19, 2019

Anthony Gomes is such a powerhouse of a musician; I can’t help but love everything he puts out.  His latest album, Peace, Love & Loud Guitars, is a smashing success due to his guitar mastery, raspy commanding vocals, and diligent songwriting chops.  Gomes’ band consists of bassist Mike Brignardello, drummer/percussionist Greg Morrow, keyboardist David Smith, with Chris Leuzinger on acoustic guitar.

The front half of the album leads off with a terrific homage to the legendary king of the blues, BB King, on “Come Down”.  Gomes keeps this one fired up with an infectious riff, and piles it on thick with scads of smile-worthy BB King-style licks.  He blows the roof off the house with his ode to the queens of manufactured housing with “White Trash Princess”.  The number of songs out in the world about drinking is almost limitless, and “The Whiskey Made Me Do It” tops the list.  Gomes slide guitar on this is magnificent.     

Title track, “Peace, Love & Loud Guitars” kicks off the second half of the album, with a killer hook, and the ferocity of AC/DC.  Charlie Daniels sang about the time “The Devil Went Down to Georgia”.  Black Oak Arkansas had a “Race With the Devil”, and Van Halen was “Running With the Devil”.  There’s something kind of kickass about those songs, and Gomes fearlessly throws his hat into the ring of badassery to recant a tale about taking a ballsy visit down to the infamous crossroads.  His mission: to take Robert Johnson’s soul back from Beelzebub, as he sets out to go “Stealin’ From the Devil”.  This one absolutely rocks.  Gomes continues rocking hard with “Hard Road Easy”, which leads off in a Led Zepplin “Kashmir” manner.

Peace, Love & Loud Guitars is an album every fan of blues-rock needs to pick up.   Gomes puts the rock in blues-rock, and has indeed set a new bar for himself with this release. 

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