Saturday, March 14, 2020

#436 : Wide Mouth Mason - I Wanna Go With You

2019 – Wide Mouth Mason

By Phillip Smith; March 14, 2020

Wide Mouth Mason, a blues-rooted duo formed in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan in 1995, is comprised of guitarist/vocalist Shaun Verreault and percussionist/vocalist Safwan Javed.  I Wanna Go With You, their eighth release, features a dozen impressive songs fortified with poignant lyrics and tight musicianship.  Verreault, a master of slide guitar, embraces a threestyle technique which consists of wearing three slides with rounded tips.  It definitely sounds amazing on both his resonator/dobro, and electric lap steel. 

A catchy hook and lush slide guitar from Verreault beckon me to join their journey forged with “Bodies in Motion”.  Vancouver hip-hop artist Tonye Aganaba lends her remarkable voice to “Every Red Light”.  This is a spectacular song bathed in pop and slathered with a bit of grease.  The imagery effortlessly spills from the lyrics.  “High Road” is a stunning blues track.  The sound of the dobro rings clear and sounds great with slide backer.  I love “Some Kind of Requiem” which boasts an intense rhythm, magnificent picking, and gospel-inspired vocals.  “Erase Any Trace”, cowritten by David Gogo, is another excellent blue-soaked song.  It’s swampy and fantastic.  Wide Mouth Mason fabulously cover David Bowie’s 1983 chart-topping hit “Modern Love”.  They give it a bluesy makeover with a dab of harp from Shawn “The Harpoonist” Hall. 

With a primary theme of traveling, I Wanna Go With You makes for a great listen on the road.  Each song, solid as a rock, the album makes for one hell of a listen.          


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