Saturday, April 4, 2020

#439 : Chris Shutters with special guest Jimmy Burns - Good Gone Bad

2019 – Third Street Cigar Records
By Phillip Smith; April 4, 2020

A connection was forged nearly a decade ago at Buddy Guy’s Legends club in Chicago when Chris Shutters attended an open mic event hosted by Delmark Records recording artist Jimmy Burns.  Shutters signed up to perform, and ended up playing a couple of songs with Burns himself.   They talked and traded phone numbers afterward.  Ten years later, Shutters contacted Burns about collaborating on an album.  One thing led to another, and the result is this fantastic ten-track record of all original blues.  Good Gone Bad features both Shutters and Burns on guitar and vocals.

Burns takes the mic, on “Stop the Train” and pulls me right onboard.  Rick Warner, former keyboardist for Rare Earth, adds a nice and funky groove to this stellar blues track.  “Miss Annie Lou” another track written by Burns, is an absolute delight.  I love his guitar picking and weathered voice.  The saxophone licks from Art Bishop are fabulous.  Burns’ attention-grabbing style once again takes top-billing on “No Consideration”.  With a hint of Memphis soul, this track cooks.    

Shutters shines as singer/songwriter/guitarist on “Can’t Play the Blues Like B.B.”.   This infectious, up-tempo gem is loaded with searing guitar licks and topped with a smoldering dose of harp from Tony Shutters.  “Unwind” is a masterpiece with a driving rhythm which reels me into a fascinating world of jazz, rock, pop and blues.  It makes me want to get up on my feet and dance.

Good Gone Bad has definitely landed in my stack of favorites this year.  Coupling their songwriting craftmanship with masterful performances, Shutters and Burns make for one outstanding blues duo.  I certainly hope to hear more from them.


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