Saturday, December 5, 2020

#475 : Hamilton Loomis - This Season


2020 – Ham-Bone Records

By Phillip Smith; Dec. 5, 2020

Hamilton Loomis’ 2012 DVD Live at the Hub was the first and one of the few DVDs I have ever reviewed.  This was for Blues Revue Magazine’s online zine called Blues Wax. I remember being so impressed with his music.  Then in 2018, I reviewed his Basics album.  Again, his music made a big impression.  With This Season, his ninth release, Loomis fulfills his dream of doing a Christmas album, and I’m enjoying it tremendously.  Joining Loomis in the studio for the making of this ten-track holiday album is bassist Mike Meade and drummer Brannon McLeod.

Loomis brings five original songs to the table on this album, each with a fresh bluesy imprint.  Loomis sings of faith, hope, and healing as he opens with the title track “This Season”.  As a native of Galveston, Texas, Loomis certainly has a different perspective when it comes to Christmas time.  “Another South TX Christmas” is a boat-load of fun served in a Texas blues fashion.  There’s a cool and hip vibe to Loomis and the music he creates.  Capturing that character of him so brilliantly is the song “Underneath the Tree” with its swinging rhythm.

I love the mellow, relaxed funk he splashes on the blues-soaked “Lay Around and Love”.  With piano and harmonica accompaniment, this cover of Lari White’s 1993 single is one of my favorites.  He poignantly ends the record with an absolutely beautiful performance of “Oh Holy Night”. 

Hamilton Loomis brings contemporary Christmas albums to a new level.  It’s a record I can listen to anytime.   


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