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2022 – PieHole Records

By Phillip Smith; Aug. 6, 2022

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With roots in Maine and Chicago, Paul Waring, aka Big Daddy, has fully captured my attention with his stunning new blues album, It’s a Mad Mad Bad Dad World.  Big Daddy packs a hell of a wallop with Waring on guitar and vocals, featuring engineer Pete Galanis on guitars as well.  The rest of the band is comprised of Elton Jaan on Hammond organ, Ari Seder on bass, Jason “JROC” Edwards on drums, plus backing singers Andrea Miologos and Bree Gordon.

From the beginning of the record with “Blues at Home”, I snuggle right in to the vibrant organ, hot guitar licks, and smoky vocals.  The song is solidly cloaked in the spirit of the Allman Brothers and is sweet music for my soul.  I love that upbeat Chicago rhythm as it mixes with the swampy slide and steady-rolling Hammond in “Pork Pie Hat”.  It’s most definitely a signature track.  Time slows down to a beautiful crawl in “The Blues I Can Use”.  The mellow landscape Bad Daddy creates for this one is topped with a with a riveting electric guitar solo.  “Trip on Your Love” struts down the way in a chunky Seventies psychedelic blues-rock manner, reeling me in with its delightful, funky groove.  I totally dig it.  

It’s a Mad Mad Bad Dad World by Bad Daddy is a highly recommended listen with its no-holds barred blues.                     


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