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2022 – Skye Pollard

Release Date : 9/10/22

By Phillip Smith; Aug. 20, 2022


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Hailing from the Ozark mountains in Eureka Springs, Arkansas is Skye Pollard, an artist who I just recently became aware of.  His latest release, Masquerade is such a fine-crafted work, I took to it immediately.  With song-writing chops that equally match his musicianship, his masterful lyrics beautifully flow along a country-roots-rock stream.  With Pollard on lead vocals and rhythm guitar, his band consists of bassist David Gesualdo, drummer Derek Russell,and Dylan Hawf on fiddle and acoustic lead.

In “Life’s Highway”, Pollard reflects on the ups and downs of living as he sings “Wouldn’t have rainbows if ya didn’t have the rain.”.  This first song from the four-track EP captivates me with Pollard’s unique voice and his band’s tight-knit mountain-folk performance.  “Barely Getting’ By” is my absolute favorite track from this release.  Though not a blues song, this song is pure blues at its soul.  When I hear lyrics that say “Don’t ask me how I’m feelin, cause I don’t wanna have to lie.”, I hear words from someone who wears their heart on their sleeve.  Pollard keeps the music robust and the words insightful as he wraps up this EP with title-track “Masquerade”, an anthem for the freak nation.  It’s a brilliant song, both instrumentally and lyrically.

Skye Pollard delivers a bright and unique blend of folk, country, and rock with Masquerade.  I’m absolutely looking forward to his next release.  



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