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#684 : Big Head Todd & the Monsters - Her Way Out (


2024 – Big Records

Release Date : May 31, 2024

By Phillip Smith; May 18, 2024

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Her Way Out, the first album from Big Head Todd in seven years, is very much worth the wait. This ten-track record is loaded with extraordinary rockers slathered in rootsy, bluesy grooves. Todd Mohr returns to the studio for this recording with Rob Squires on bass, Brian Nevin on drums, and Jeremy Lawton on keys,lap/pedal steel, and backing vocals.

Big Head Todd leads off with the three singles previously released from this album, fortifying the listening experience for a very strong start. First out the gate is title-track “Her Way Out”. Riding a driving rhythm laced with pedal steel and piano, it sure has a way of reminding me of Tom Petty, and I like it a lot. “Thunderbird” follows up next in a big southern rocking way, but with a riff reminiscent of classic AC/DC. According to Mohr, the film American Graffiti was the inspiration for this song which waxes nostalgic for the glory days of fast cars, Wolfman Jack and James Dean. The third single in this opening trifecta is “Crush” which walks the listener through a shattering break-through with a laid-back groove and Mohr’s guitar-driven finesse. I love the way the pulsing intro to “Don’t Kill Me Tonight” seems to push the listener into a runaway train in which the conductor sings the story of Annie Oakley, Frank Butler, and Buffalo Bill. Decorated with spaghetti-western twang and punk-friendly riffs, the song really snatched my attention. “Rainbow Girl” brings the record to its close with a rocking, pixie-dust coated, working-class, love-ballad riding a poppy beat, cosmic sounds, and topped with a little feedback. It’s a fun track indeed.

Big Head Todd restores album-oriented rock with this record. It effortlessly flows from beginning to end. Her Way Out certainly lands among my favorites of the year so far.      


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