Saturday, January 30, 2021

#484 : Shakin' Woods - The Blues Groove Sessions #1

2020 – Shakin’ Woods

By Phillip Smith; Jan. 30, 2021

Hailing from the Washington DC metro area, Shakin’ Woods, is a blues-rock band drenched in funk and southern-soul.  This talented quartet was formed in 2019 and is comprised of singer/guitarist Rich Russman, keyboardist/guitarist Austin Day, bassist George Belton and drummer Paul Dudley.  The Blues Groove Sessions #1, a four-track EP, is the first of several EPs planned to be released by the band this year, with the next released titled The Blues Proper Sessions #2.

I love the funky bass groove running through ‘Like a Superman”, it tracks wonderfully with the disco-friendly pulse Dudley creates.  Russman delivers the goods with the finesse of Steely Dan, incorporating smooth vocals, and a standout guitar performance.  “The Place to Be” leaves me with a big grin on my face as the friendly Phish-like groove creeps over to a psychedelic Hendrix-influenced bridge, and then back again.  Then while on the subject of Phish, they fantastically cover Trey Anastasio’s “Cayman Review”.  The EP ends on a beautiful and melancholy note as Russman sings of intertwined souls in “Still Alive”.  I can feel the emotion pouring out of his guitar in lush and bountiful waves.

The Blues Groove Sessions #1 is absolutely marvelous.  I can’t wait to hear the follow-up EPs.



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