Saturday, June 15, 2019

#396 : Vince Agwada - Light of Day

2019 – Rocketnoodle Music
Release date : July 15, 2019

By Phillip Smith; June 15, 2019

It has been eight long years since the release of Vince Agwada’s last album, Basic Blue.  Fans of his should know it’s been very much worth the wait.  His latest record, Light of Day, is self-produced and loaded with sixteen astonishing original songs rooted in the Blues, but spanning genres from Jazz, Rock, Funk, and World Music. 

Slathered from end to end in delicious slide, “Two Tons of Fun” showcases Agwada’s guitar mastery with a big bowlful of searing blues.  A fearless bassline and a mind-boggling guitar shredding session takes “Blues 99” to the king-of-the-hill position.  Agwada’s performance is exquisite.  I love the transformation “I Wanna Fly” goes through as it transcends from its front-porch blues beginnings to a funky, soulful song with keys from Tim Gant, and amazing percussion from Kwame Steve Cobb.  The slide-heavy, Allman-esque “Mustafa’s Lament” is great too.  With backing from the Game Changer Horns, complete with a sax solo from Edwin Daugherty, this instrumental is a funky treat.  “Southbound 69” keeps me tuned in with a stellar groove and more amazing guitar-play.  Capturing my full attention, the multi-textured “Spirit” leads off with a Scottish bagpipe.  With a strong steady beat, hot guitar licks, buttery smooth vocals, and jazz-laden piano accompaniment, this beautifully written and executed dirge winds down its glorious path.

Vince Agwada has certainly created a masterpiece.  Light of Day is a must for blues and guitar aficionados.                        


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