Saturday, October 12, 2019

#412 : Odds Lane - Lost & Found

2019 – Gulf Coast Records

By Phillip Smith; Oct. 12, 2019

Odds Lane, the St. Louis blue-rocking duo on Mike Zito’s new label, Gulf Coast Records, has surely caught my attention with their new album Lost & Found.  Formed nearly sixteen years ago by multi-instrumentalist Doug Byrkit and drummer/percussionist Brian Zielie, this song-writing duo has been friends since 8th grade.  Lost & Found is inspired by their work with Zito on his Blue Room album, which is now celebrating its 20th anniversary with a remastered release on Ruf Records.

The driving pulse of “Blood on the Van” sinks its claws in fast, and holds steady while greeting the listener with a great big dose of rockin’ blues.  I love the gritty rhythm and the enormous punk beat which frames “Don’t Give it Away”.  “Moth to a Flame” reaches into the territory of Southern Rock, and is quite reminiscent of the Muscle Shoals sound.  The slide guitar on this sounds great, and the song has a playful-energetic groove.  Another favorite, “White Castle Blues”, is a searing tribute to those wonderful, little, square burgers I have been known to trek out of my way score a sackful.  Afterall, “The crave is a powerful thing”, and so is this album.             

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