Sunday, August 4, 2013

Bluesmore Music Festival - Cedar Rapids, IA Aug.3, 2013

By Phillip Smith
Aug 3, 2013

* all photos by Phillip Smith

Craig Erickson, Ron DeWitte, and BillyLee Janey

This year was yet another great year for music at annual Bluesmore Blues festival in Cedar Rapids.  Opening up the main stage was the LCBS All-Stars, featuring Craig Erickson, Ron DeWitte, BillyLee Janey, Bryce Janey, Dan Johnson, Dennis 'Daddy-O' McMurrin, Skeeter Lewis, Tom 'T-Bone' Giblin, and Danny Ketelson and Eric Douglas.  Seeing this much local talent on the stage at one time was a definite treat.  Following the LCBS All-Stars was the Scott Holt Band, which was followed by the headlining act of Lucky Peterson featuring Tamara Peterson.   These are just a handful of photos I was able to snap while taking a break or two from selling shirts at the merchandise tent. 

Dan Johnson

  Dennis 'Daddy-O' McMurrin

Bryce Janey

Skeeter Lewis

 Craig Erickson and Ron DeWitte

BillyLee Janey

Scott Holt 

 Scott Holt

Shawn Kellerman (Lucky Peterson Band)

Raul Valdes (Lucky Peterson Band)

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