Saturday, February 27, 2016

Ina Forsman - Ina Forsman

2016 – Ruf Records
By Phillip Smith; Feb 27, 2016

I absolutely love the retro R&B sounds on Ina Forsman’s debut self-titled album. This Finnish sensation brings a luscious and soulful presence to every song she sings.  Forsman’s influences begin when she was just seven years old and received her first Christina Aguilera album from her aunt.  Much like Aguilera, Forsman is not afraid to use the power in her voice. Her style reminds me of my all-time favorites, Amy Winehouse, Diana Ross, and Lana Del Rey.  

I can’t help but sway back and forth as Forsman sings the blues so sweetly in “Talk To Me”.  The harmonica accompaniment from Helge Tallqvist is downright terrific.  Constructed within a slightly ominous arena, “Devil May Dance Tonight” is one damn cool song too.  It’s a little bit twangy, and yet very suave.  The piano and brass-laced “Bubbly Kisses”, is tackled with a breathtaking sultry intensity. This track is magnificent.  Forsman concludes the album with a sweet and sexy cover of Nina Simone’s “I Want a Little Sugar in my Bowl”, in which pianist Nick Connolly and Mark Kazanoff on saxophone, create a perfectly mellow and intimate atmosphere. This one is very nice indeed.

This dazzling album gets my highest accolades. It’s a superb listen from start to finish. 

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