Saturday, April 2, 2016

Angel Forrest - Angel’s 11

2016 – Ad Litteram
By Phillip Smith; April 2, 2016

The latest album, Angel’s 11 by Quebec songstress Angel Forrest is quite a terrific record.  It features eleven original blues-laden tracks, each spotlighting a different guitarist to back Forrest’s powerful vocals. 

There’s something intriguing about the topic of dodging the law, when it comes to music and song.  That’s the hook in “Hangman”, featuring Johnny Flash on guitar.  This ripping track satisfies my craving for both blues-rock and outlaw country.  “Tumbleweed”, with Dimitri Lebel-Alexandre is another really cool song with that western vibe.  Forrest beautifully sings this heartfelt melody about longing for a lost love.    

“Spoil Me Up” is a sexy and soulful treat with a delightful horn arrangement.  Steve Strongman plays this one with precision. The lady sings the blues so good in “Let Me Go”, featuring Kim Greenwood on guitar.  Greenwood is a monster on the guitar, and when he lets loose, it sounds fantastic.  Forrest and guitarist Corey Diabo give an electric performance on the manic “Wildflower”.  While Forrest belts out a powerful delivery to “Touch Of My Hand”, axe-man Shane Murphy injects a heavy dose of psyche-blues for some really trippy results.

The other guest guitarists are Rob MacDonald, Ricky Paquette, Paul DesLauriers, Steve Hill, and Adam KarchAngel’s 11 is such a fantastic album, musically and lyrically, it definitely lands as one of my favorites of the year. 

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