Saturday, September 10, 2016

Kat Riggins - Blues Revival

2016 –  Bluzpik Media Group
By Phillip Smith; Sep. 10, 2016

I’m really smitten over the new Kat Riggins album, Blues Revival.  This singer/songwriter from Miami has such a lovely voice, perfectly suited for singing the blues. She has a clever sense for songwriting as well.  Penning eight of the ten songs on this album, she injects a stylish and fresh attitude toward the Blues .  This powerhouse singer has a wonderful backing band too.  Also known as Blues Revival, her ensemble is composed of Darrell Raines on guitars and keys, bassist George Caldwell, and drummer Doc Allison.  

“Good Girl Blues” feels so good to listen to, with its velvety smooth delivery.  I love her cover of Sam Cooke’s “Change is Gonna Come” too.  Riggins belts this one out with the passion and conviction which this song deserves.  Raines lays down the law with his guitar on “Blues is My Business”, from Etta James’ 2003 Grammy winning album, Let’s Roll, making for a very striking cover.  Riggins’ vocals run from sultry to sassy, while psychedelic guitar licks and a groovy trance beat take “Devil is a Liar” to another dimension.  This terrific song takes me back to the early years of the late great Isaac Hayes.

Both Riggins and her band bring their “A-game” to each and every song, making Blues Revival such a pleasant listen.    

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