Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Sari Schorr - A Force of Nature

2016 –  Manhaton Records
By Phillip Smith; Nov. 29, 2016

A outstanding voice for the Blues and a bucketful of attitude runs through the grooves on A Force of Nature, the groundbreaking album from Sari SchorrSchorr is indeed a force of nature as she belts out each song with conviction and true grit. 

Schorr captivates me from the beginning on “Ain’t Got No Money” with a downright phenomenal vocal performance. Paired exquisitely with decadent swirly guitar and a riveting rhythm backing, this song hits strong.  The energy carries over to “Aunt Hazel”, a bluesy rocking anthem with a southern rock flavor.  Schorr’s cover of Lead Belly's “Black Betty” nicely exits the gates with a sweetly ominous stride before kicking into high gear, tearing the roof off with a crushing vocal deliverance and stellar guitar licks. “Letting Go” a sultry throwback with a Dusty Springfield-in-Memphis vibe, beautifully highlights the sophisticated and softer side of Schorr’s vocal wheelhouse. This lovely and emotionally charged song is absolutely marvelous.  The fabulous Walter Trout makes an appearance on a cover of one of his own songs, “Work No More”.  Hearing his fiery, yet melodic guitar licks shoot out of his guitar is a pure sensation.   

The album is so incredible; it only took one listen to A Force of Nature to turn me into a Sari fan.  

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