Saturday, April 29, 2017

Low Society - Sanctified

2017 – Rezonate Records
By Phillip Smith; Apr 29, 2017

It didn’t take very long at all for me to fall head over heels for this record.  Mandy Lemons’ powerful vocals stand-out as her husband, guitarist/producer Sturgis Nikides plays incredibly smooth slide, making for some deliciously twangy blues.  With backing from a Belgian rhythm section featuring bassist Jacky Verstraeten and drummer Bart De Bruecker, the band, Low Society takes on its intriguing personality.  Sanctified, their third studio album is a hard-hitting, gobsmacking delight.  It was recorded partly in Belgium and partly in Memphis, where the band currently resides.

I love their cover of John Prine’s “Angel From Montgomery”.  It’s such a beautiful song, and sounds terrific with Lemons on the mic.  Guest pianist Rick Steff adds a lovely accompaniment.  There’s a crisp stillness which lingers in the air when I hear “Nina”.  This one reminds me tremendously of Fleetwood Mac during their mid-Seventies years.  “Drowning Blues” and “Raccoon Song” are captivating as well.  I could listen to Nikides play this all day.  The spirits of the cross-roads must have been summoned for title-track “Sanctified” for Lemons and Nikides both dole out no-holds-barred performances.  

Sanctified closes out with an exquisite heartfelt cover of Etta Jame’s blues classic, “I’d Rather Go Blind”.  Low Society magnificently delivers a marvelous album of blues enacted with a rebellious flair.  It’s a new favorite, for sure.

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