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#324 : Myles Goodwyn And Friends of the Blues

2017 – Linus Entertainment

By Phillip Smith; March 17, 2018

April Wine front-man Myles Goodwyn has had a passion for the blues since the Sixties, when the greats like Howlin’ Wolf, Muddy Waters, and BB King were in their heyday.  Over the years, Goodwyn set his blues songs aside for future use and never put them to wax for an April Wine album.  The future is finally here, and a dozen of those delectable songs have been recorded for this spectacular record, Myles Goodwyn and Friends of the Blues.  Goodwyn takes the lead on vocals, guitars, and keyboards, while Mike Carrol and Blair Mackay appear on drums.  Bass players consist of Richard Fallus, Alex Fraser, Russal Jackson, and Bruce Dixon.  The list of friends which join Goodwyn in the studio are Jack de Keyzer, Garret Mason, David Wilcox, Amos Garret, Kenny “Blues Boss” Wayne, Joe Murphy, Frank Marino, Shaun Verreault, Bill Stevenson, and Rick Derringer.

I love the way the album rolls in with the high energy electric blues on “I Hate to See you Go (But I Love to Watch You Walk Away)”.  This captivating opener is nicely topped off with a sweet sax and horn arrangement from Eric Khayat.  Goodwyn takes an amazingly deep dive into the cold well of bitterness in “I’ll Hate You (Til Death Do Us Part)”.  This stellar performance features the great Frank Marino on guitar and piano great Kenny “Blues Boss” Wayne.  I could listen to Rick Derringer play guitar all day.  His searing guitar in blues-rocker “Last Time I’ll Ever Sing the Blues” is downright tantalizing.

Myles Goodwyn and Friends of the Blues brilliantly shows another side of Goodwyn as he masters the Blues.  I certainly hope to hear more recordings like this in the future him.


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