Saturday, August 11, 2018

#346 : Savoy Brown - You Should Have Been There!

2018 – Panache Records

By Phillip Smith; Aug. 11, 2018

Savoy Brown’s latest album, You Should Have Been There! is a colossal dose of live electric blues. Originally recorded in February of 2003 at The Yale in Vancouver, this album features front-man Kim Simmonds joined by guitarist David Malachowski, bassist Gerry Sorrentino, and drummer Dennis Cotton.  Loaded with lots of extended jams, this delightful six-pack of songs gives a solid hours’ worth of listening.     

The record opens with some serious hard-driving blues with “When it Rains” off the 2003 Strange Dreams album. Simmonds then dovetails “Where Has Your Heart Gone?” in quite nicely for an exquisite eleven and a half minutes of intoxicating slow jam and guitar play.  From one of my favorite Savoy Brown albums, 1970’s Looking In, we hear the funky blues of “Poor Girl” which spins the tale of a young woman who’s fled the country life to be surrounded by the bright lights of the big city which chews her up and eventually spits her out.  I love how Simmonds lets loose on guitar with this one.  It’s an absolutely searing performance. You Should Have Been There! closes with the ominous 1972 “Hellbound Train” which boasts an amazing guitar solo from Malachowski. 

The energy of this performance certainly transcends through to the recording. You should have been there.  I should have been there.  We all should have been there.             


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