Saturday, January 5, 2019

#369 : Wooden Nickel Lottery - Long Time Running

2018 – Violet Isle Records

By Phillip Smith; Jan. 05, 2019

Wooden Nickel Lottery, a four-piece band hailing from eastern Iowa, continues their tradition of producing a unique blend of rock, country, and blues with their third and latest release, Long Time Running.  The pairing of Rick Gallo’s soulful vocals with Rich Toomsen’s high energy guitar sounds great as bassist Jessica Toomsen, and drummer Delayne Stallman forge the pulse of a groovin’ rhythm section.  Of the nine tracks on the record, eight are notable originals written by Rich.       

Steeped in southern rock and paved with a Bob Seger vibe, title track “Long Time Running” is a badass tune evoking images of a cowboy on a mission.  I love listening to Rich rip it up on “The Right Man”.  This song is a true showcase for his guitar mastery.  A funky rhythm and a groovy contagious riff blows the doors open on “Drive By Love”, laying out the red carpet for Galllo’s signature voice.  “East to West” is a stellar favorite.  Rick’s smooth vocals take the reins, as the song energetically gallops in to an amazing listen featuring more blazing guitar from Rich and a hypnotic bass and drum backing from Jess and Stallman.    

With guest performances from Gerald Estella on organ and David Arnold on sax,  Long Time Running comes to a spectacular close with a stirring and beautiful cover of Sam Cooke’s “A Change is Gonna Come”.  This song is definitely worth checking out, and so is the album.     


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