Saturday, November 14, 2020

#471 : Sonny Green - Found! One Soul Singer

2020 – Little Village Foundation

By Phillip Smith; Nov. 14, 2020

Sonny Green, a 77-year old soul singer based in the Los Angeles area, has been performing for over forty years.  He recorded eight 45’s in the Sixties and Seventies, however his latest recording Found! One Soul Singer is his first full length album, and it’s fantastic.  Recorded and produced by Kid Andersen, at his famed Greaseland Studios, the record features Andersen on guitar, Jim Pugh on B3, Chris Burns on piano, Endre Tarczy on bass, Ronnie Smith and D’mar on drums, Mariachi Mestizo on violin, and a stellar horn section comprised of Sax Gordon, Terry Hanck, Aaron Lington, Jeff Lewis, and Mike Rinta,  

As soon as the horns kick in, and Sonny’s smokey vocals roll out on “I’m So Tired”, I am all-in.  It’s certainly a rare treat to find music that stands out like this these days.  “If Walls Could Talk” is full of life and enriched with a funky rhythm and big band sound.  Andersen sweetens the song with his stylish guitar licks.  Sonny’s performance of Willie Nelson’s “Are You Sure” is dripping with pure emotion.  Settled in the blues and seasoned with funk, “Cupid Must Be Stupid” is fun and delightful.  Tarczy’s baseline is absolutely groovy, and I love Rinta’s trombone accompaniment.  I also dig the Seventies funky disco-vibe on “Back For a Taste of Your Love”.  Sonny’s vocal prowess shines as he peppers the song with high-pitched growls.  For bonus points, Alabama Mike makes a guest vocal appearance on “Trouble” to join Sonny in a slow, soul-blues duet.  Written by Alabama Mike, this is the first time the song had been recorded.  The blues absolutely pours out of Andersen’s guitar, and it sounds great.   

Found! One Soul Singer is a fabulous recording.  I’m so glad Little Village Foundation helped bring this album to fruition. 


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