Sunday, March 29, 2015

Gregg Allman live at Riverside Casino 3/28/15

Riverside, Iowa
By Phillip Smith; Mar 29, 2015

Walking on stage to a standing ovation from a sold out crowd is something only a few people get to experience.  Gregg Allman is one of them.   Allman, along with the rest of his nine man ensemble took the stage at Riverside Casino in Riverside, Iowa.  With Allman on the B3 and Scott Sharrard on guitar, front and center, the band tore into a ripping rendition of “Stateboro Blues”.  The audience was happy, and so was I.  Without missing a beat, they then slid right into a sweet sounding “I’m No Angel” followed up with the mellow grooves of “Come and Go Blues”.  Dipping into his Playin’ Up a Storm album for a two-fer, Allman performs a refreshingly “Brightest Smile in Town”.  The intro was beautifully played, and Allman’s vocals were soulful.  The sax solo was a standout as well. I absolutely loved hearing the crowd pleasing Muddy Waters classic, “Trouble No More”. Initiated with a fantastic drum intro, this one was played tight as hell. This is where it sets in, just how cohesive this band is.  It’s so enjoyable to hear Sharrard tear it up on guitar. For “Melissa”, Allman switched over from the B3, to acoustic guitar. This song hit the spot, and drew people to their feet. 

The second set was quite strong too.  Allman picks up his electric guitar for an exquisite “Ain’t Wasting Time No More”. It sounded so good.  Returning to acoustic guitar, Allman and the band got a little help from the crowd singing “Midnight Rider”.  This song culminates with a really interesting trumpet performance from Marc Franklin and a standing ovation.  The fast and furious “Love Like Kerosene” was phenomenally played. Ron Johnson was dishing out some awe-inspiring groove on the bass while we got yet another smoking performance from Sharrard.  After the first few notes of “Whippin’ Post” were played, it was apparent the audience would not be able to sit still.  Greg remained on electric, while Peter Leven took over the B3.  Groovy beats from Steve Potts and Marc Quinones and blasts from the brass make this an interestingly funky treat.  This was one everyone had undoubtedly been waiting for, as it drew a huge standing ovation.  With that closing out the last set, the band returned once more with Allman back at the B3 for a riveting extended version of “Southbound”.  Needless to say, the show was outstanding.


Statesboro Blues
I’m No Angel
Come and Go Blues
Brightest Smile In Town
Trouble No More
The Same Thing

-Instrumental Break-

Cradle of Civilization
Hot Lanta
Ain’t Wasting Time No More
Midnight Rider
Love Like Kerosene
Whipping Post



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