Saturday, September 5, 2015

Bryce Janey - Delta Road

2015 –Grooveyard Records
By Phillip Smith; Sep 5, 2015

I’m engrossed with the latest album from Bryce Janey, Delta Road.  This outstanding collection of bodacious guitar blues is jam-packed with exceptional songs and great musicianship.  Bassist Dan Johnson and drummer Eric Douglas both return to back Janey once again in the studio, keeping that signature sound intact. 

Right from the beginning, Janey delivers the goods. “Keep Marchin’ On” takes the listener on a musical journey.  A funky rhythm and a dab of psychedelic undertones enhance the phenomenal guitar jams he lays down.  This track is surely at the top of my list of favorites. While singing about the strong kinship between himself and his instrument, Janey lays down a catchy smooth bluesy groove in “This Old Guitar”.  This is a great platform to launch some really nice, attention-grabbing guitar licks.

Don’t let the song title “Same Old Thing” fool you.  The song is anything but that.  Once the ignition key is turned, the funk is released and Janey steers the song skyward.  The sound he conjures out of his guitar is simply amazing.  Janey digs in deep with lots of tasty slide on title track, “Delta Road”, a rich and swampy homage to The King of the Delta Blues, Robert Johnson.  I love the harmonica bursts provided by Peter Welsh.  While on the subject of Robert Johnson, I have to mention the stripped-down rendition of Johnson’s classic tune, “Hellhound on My Trail” which Janey closes the album with. This one is clearly remarkable.  

Delta Road keeps the groove moving from beginning to end, and in my humble opinion is Bryce Janey’s best work yet.        

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