Saturday, September 12, 2015

The Ravines - Everything’s Fine

2015 –The Ravines
By Phillip Smith; Sep 12, 2015

Everything’s Fine, the second album from UK Power pop band The Ravines, is a cool refreshing musical treat.  Lead vocalist/guitarist Chris Corney and drummer James Crossley are the brains behind the band, which also features bassist Andy Hawkins, and backing vocalist Susanna Benn.  

The first of the ten songs to greet the listener is title track “Everything’s Fine”, and what a great way to be greeted.   Corney dishes out no-nonsense rock with a catchy melody in this love song for slackers in a fashion reminiscent of Nick Lowe or The Bodeans.  “Daydream” rolls out like a new-wave pop song from the Eighties. Complete with the obligatory hand claps that made its way onto many a record of the day; this would have been a perfect addition to the soundtrack for John HughesThe Breakfast Club.   

“Indigo” takes a direction of its own, to a slightly darker place. So very much reminiscent of the music of REM before they broke, this song is so rich and full of texture.  It’s certainly a favorite.  The Ravines save the lovely “Queen Bee” to bid farewell to the listener. This one is beautifully written and celestially performed.

Everything’s Fine has unique sense of unexpected familiarity that presents itself upon the first listen. Although the music is fresh and new, when I hear this album, I feel like I am listening to an old favorite.       

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