Saturday, January 9, 2016

Ebony Jo-Ann - Please Save Your Love For Me

2015 – Blackgold Production Co.
By Phillip Smith; Jan 9, 2016

As I listen to the debut album, Please Save Your Love For Me, from Ebony Jo-Ann, I wonder why this phenomenal singer is just now coming into my awareness.  Whatever the reason, I’m so glad this album journeyed my way.  Produced by Danny Kean, who Ebony Jo-Ann first crossed paths with at Ashford & Simpson’s Sugar Bar in New York City, the album delicately delivers some of the most soulful blues I’ve heard.

Ashford & Simpson penned song “Just Rain” begins the music journey with nightclub blues at its best.  The sassy vocal stylings of Ms. Jo-Ann and bluesy guitar licks from Mark Bowers sound so sweet against the stellar horn section.  The Percy Mayfield classic “Send Someone to Love”, is a beautiful piece.  Kean pours a ton of soul into his piano performance as he also joins Ms. Jo-Ann on vocals, making this timeless classic a hip and cool duet.  Another favorite, “Burning World”, preaches enlightenment and empowerment to save our burning world.  Ms. Jo-Ann’s vocals are smooth and powerful as Bowers delivers a smoking guitar performance.   

Ebony Jo-Ann has definitely got it going on with this ten track album, which also boasts splendid covers of blues classics Bumble Bee Slim/Eddie Miller’s “Muddy Water” and Memphis Sheiks’ “Sitting on Top of the World”.  This is about as good as it gets.

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