Saturday, January 2, 2016

John McKinley - Window on the World

2015 – John McKinley
By Phillip Smith; Jan 2, 2016


There is some quite amazing music coming from New Mexico guitarist John McKinley on his debut release, Window on the World.  This twelve track album consists of all original songs laced with Texas blues, Prog-Rock, Jazz, and Latin music.  Joining McKinley is his son, bassist Darius McKinley, and drummer Ben Rollo.   

“Dirty Nails” rocks the Blues with down and dirty, smoking hot guitar licks. This instrumental, clocking in at less than two and a half minutes packs a hell of a lot of punch.  I’d love to hear an extended version of it.  McKinley kills it on the psychedelic power-punch “Stratitude”.  This is an absolute mind-melting instrumental with a bass-line reminiscent of the one on Frank Zappa’s “Muffin Man”.    I absolutely love the spirit-lifting Latin sounds of “Cuando Yo Me Voy (I’m Outta Here)”.  Rollo’s intoxicating beats and Darius’ funky rhythm on this stellar track immediately puts me in a dancing mood.  McKinley, again shows how deep his talents run on beautifully played “Ontarion Song” which transcends from New Age to swampy blues in an unexpected blink of an eye.  This one is perfectly played.

The music on Window on the World is exceptional and most interesting, and I am definitely going to keep my eyes and ears open for new offerings from John McKinley's band. 


For more information on the John McKinley band, visit his website at

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