Saturday, February 6, 2016

Sean Pinchin - Monkey Brain

2016 – FACTOR
By Phillip Smith; Feb 6, 2016

In 2014, Sean Pinchin’s release Rustbucket got him nominated for New Artist of the Year at the Maple Blues AwardsMonkey Brain, his latest album, recorded and co-written by Juno Award-winning producer Rob Szabo, is sure to grab him another nomination.  Joined by bassist Mark McIntyre, and drummer/percussionist Adam Warner, Pinchin delivers eight delicious tracks of uniquely blended rock and blues via catchy hooks and interesting riffs.

Pinchin breaks out some really groovy slide guitar celebrating the inner-primate lurking within, on title track anthem “Monkey Brain”.  “I Can’t Stand It” has an uncanny way of really digging into the subconscious.  The infectious grooves running through this one is reminiscent of Billy Squier’s early music.  Things get bluesy and nicely swampy in “Charity Case”.  Pinchin then takes a slight turn toward country-blues as he masterfully performs “Monster”, a rustic and rootsy delight. The album closes out strongly with “Get Burned”, a melodic track with a vibrant pulse.     

Monkey Brain is a fun listen from start to finish, making it a sure-fire hit.   

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