Saturday, March 26, 2016

Janiva Magness - Love Wins Again

2016 – Blue Élan Records
By Phillip Smith; Mar 26, 2016

Janiva Magness’s latest album, Love Wins Again is a sheer delightful listen.  Delivering eleven outstanding tracks of soulful blues in her trademark grand fashion; Magness has just set the bar a little higher, ensuring this LP will be an instant favorite.

Title track “Love Wins Again” is so smooth and buttery it puts a big ole’ smile on my face each and every time I hear it.  The funk breaks out on “Real Slow” sporting contagious guitar riffs and a groovy bassline.  Sultry vocals on top of an infectious bluesy melody set the mood for “Moth to a Flame”.  Dim all the lights and grab your partner for a slow dance to Magness’ angelic voice on the dreamy “When You Hold Me”.  This one is really nice.       

There’s no shutting the party down when the turntable is spinning “Your House is Burnin’”.  This jamming masterpiece, about turning things around for the better, is loaded with hot guitar licks and a killer sax accompaniment. I love Magness’ interpretation of Creedence Clearwater Revival’s classic, “Long as I Can See the Light”.  It’s really magnificent. Now, if only we can arrange for this song to be recorded as a duet with her and John Fogerty

This stellar album is definitely one of my favorites this year. 

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