Sunday, March 13, 2016

Kelly Richey - Shakedown Soul

2016 – Sweet Lucy Records
By Phillip Smith; Mar 13, 2016

There’s a whole lot of shakin’ going on in Cincinnati rocker Kelly Richey’s latest and sixteenth album, Shakedown Soul.  This ten song collection of original no holds-barred rock and roll packs a hell of a mean punch.  Richey handles the guitar and mic, while Rikk Manning plays bass, and producer/mixer Tobe Donohue covers drums, synth, and sequencing.  Five of the ten songs were recorded earlier and feature additional musicians, drummer Robby Cosenza, keyboardist Lee Carroll, and bassist Blake Cox.

“Fading” is quick to capture my attention with its funky rhythm and edgy INXS-like guitar riffs.  Richey can surely shred.  I like the trippy intro leading into “You Wanna Rock”.  Richey attacks this one head-on with heavy licks and her trademark powerful raspy vocals.  This is a track best served loud.  A really nice groove takes over on “Lies”.  This is the one that gets stuck my head.  “Just Like a River” is fantastic and has a Seventies pre-punk Lou Reed vibe to it.  Richey’s “I Want to Run” is another terrific track with a solid rock melody and stellar guitar. 

Richey scores huge with “Shakedown Soul”.  This is one big ball of rock and roll fun.   


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