Saturday, August 20, 2016

Prodo - The Summoning

2016 –  Prodo
By Phillip Smith; Aug. 20, 2016

The Summing is quite a funky follow-up to the Wisconsin jam-masters Prodo’s debut release, Prodotype.  Amidst a seven month tour in China, guitarist/lead vocalist Henry Robinson, along with drummer Dane Pastor and bassist Jeremy Erickson, hit the studios, and have delivered one hell of an album full of twists and turns.  Embracing the chaos and comfort that can be created with music, Prodo playfully explore the craft of fusion.    

A funky world-beat rhythm loaded with spacy jams gets “Wadadadoo” off the ground very nicely.  “The Creep” ominously follows, brilliantly composed to leave the listener in an unsettled state.  A feel-good reggae beat reels me into the poppy atmosphere and psychedelic sounds of “This Life”.  Title track, “The Summoning”, loaded with heavier guitar riffs, a funkier bass line, and playful lyrics reminds me of Phish, a band I have a high regard for.  Robinson’s soothing vocals set a beautiful melodic tone to “A!”, to which his guitar licks effortlessly hover in the air. And as for what kind of tipper the Dali Lama is on the golf course, forget about it, and take a relaxing listen to the lovely “Gunga Galunga” for your total consciousness needs.    

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