Saturday, August 20, 2016

JL Fulks - On Down the Road- EP

2016 – JL Fulks Enterprizes
By Phillip Smith; Aug. 20, 2016

Some say great things come in small packages.  That is very true for the latest release, On Down the Road, from the twenty-six year old singer/guitarist JL Fulks . This five track EP is one big bowl of outstanding tunes. After giving it a single listen, one should find it very obvious how his band made it to the Semi-finals of the 2016 International Blues Challenge in Memphis.  Originally hailing from Greenville, South Carolina, and living in Memphis for a while, Fulks now finds his home in Southern Florida, fronting his trio composed of Ken Burgner on bass, and Ian Jones on drums.   

The southern rock fueled title track, “On Down the Road” will get the foot stomping for sure.  Speckled with the sounds of summer, this song about conquering restlessness and breaking free to head out on one’s life journey, features some mighty fine and tasty lead guitar provided by special guest Matt Schofield.  A driving beat and the lush sounds of a B3 from Muggie Doo, set the perfect stage for Fulks’ commanding vocals and riveting guitar on “The River”. 

Fulks guitar is dynamic and intoxicating on the colossal “Phrygian Dance”.  This prog-blues instrumental is pumped with killer beats and stellar bass, making it shine immensely.  This fantastic EP is such a treat to hear, and I anxiously await to hear more music from JL Fulks.  

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