Friday, August 4, 2017

Joanna Connor - Six String Stories

2016 –M.C. Records

By Phillip Smith; Aug 4, 2017

Six String Stories, the eleventh release from Chicago guitar-slinger Joanna Conner is an amazing listen to say the least.  She continues to throw her whole being into each performance, with both her axe and voice.   Joining Conner on the album, is Marion Lance Lewis (drums, bass, percussion, synth, vocals) , Jeff Lewis (keyboards), Omar “Harp” Coleman (harmonica), Charlie Kimble (tenor sax), Gary Solomon (alto/soprano sax), and Charles Pryor (trumpet, flugelhorn).

There is no denying this lady has been baptized in the blues, once one hears the captivating first licks of “It’s a Woman’s Way” bursting through the stereo speakers.  The song, oozing with flair and attitude hooks me like an unsuspecting catfish.  Conner dishes out a big saucy helping of slide guitar on “By Your Side”.  It sounds so sweet.  The cover of Jill Scott’s “Golden” is absolutely lovely, and reminiscent of one my early musical favorites, George Benson

Of the ten spectacular tracks on Six String Stories, there’s one which stands out above and beyond.  That song is “Halsted Street”.  Complex and searing, Conner attacks this   progressive-blues-rock instrumental with an intense ferocity.  I am gobsmacked with each and every listen.  The album comes highly recommended.


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