Saturday, August 19, 2017

The Norman Jackson Band - It’s the Drummer’s Fault

2017 –Norman Jackson Bands

By Phillip Smith; Aug 19, 2017

The Norman Jackson Band, from Springfield, Missouri has caught my attention in a big way.  Jackson’s debut album, “It’s the Drummer’s Fault” features eleven sizzling tracks injected with a vibrant positive energy.  The band’s bold blend of Chicago Blues masterfully drizzled with hot buttered soul helps me get my happy on.  Front-man guitarist/singer Norman Jackson is backed by his nephew, The Boogieman on drums, bassist Danny Williams, and one of the hottest saxophonists I’ve ever heard, Rick Shortt, who at age twelve, was Jackson’s apprentice.

This quartet steps into the ring and commences to swing with a furious and funky number called “Norman’s Blues” a sweet groove paved by the crushing beats of The Boogieman and the sweet thumping of Williams’ dazzling bassline.  Jackson’s vocals are fearless and terrific.  They sound great paired with Shortt’s fierce performance on sax. The swaying rhythm of “Man of My House” sets a smooth and chill background to springboard Jackson’s contrastingly soulful and raspy growls and Shortt’s signature atomic blasts of sax.  I love every bit of it.  Shortt gets even more accolades on the beautiful instrumental “All Alone”.  This is his song to stand front and center. 

Jackson brings the album to a close with “Snake in My House”, sitting on top of a heaping platter of delicious slow-cooked blues.  This album definitely lands as one of my favorites this year.        


For more info on The Norman Jackson Band, visit their website

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