Saturday, September 2, 2017

Insomniac Folklore - Everything Will Burn

2017 –Insomniac Folklore Records

By Phillip Smith; Sep 2, 2017

Insomniac Folklore takes an apocalyptic turn with their latest release, Everything Will Burn.   Frontman/guitarist/organist/percussionist Tyler Hentchell and singer/concertinist/puppetmaster Adrienne Hentschell are joined by bassist Amanda Curry, violinist Lisa Strader, and drummer Ayden Simonatti in this all folksy original ode to the end-of-times.  Mastered by Kramer who has also produced for White Zombie and GWAR, the fabric of the album is of a dark and menacing texture.

Hentchell’s deep bass vocals bring a serious inevitable revelation to the ominous and haunting melody of title track “Everything Will Burn”.  A wave of eeriness washes over as a violin rolls out the red carpet for “Feet in the Earth”.  The harmonics of Tyler and Adrienne’s voices are unsettling, yet fun.  Grabbing my attention on “Come Down Moses”, is the swift change of direction the songs takes as it segues from sweet to punk.  “Dust”, another schizodelic track, takes an unexpected bath in a fury of fuzzy electric guitar and a psychedelic barrage of percussion from pots, pans, and dried-out cow bones.   

Imbedded with a tetrad of short mostly instrumental tracks, Everything Will Burn is quite the bizarre and interesting concept album. 


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