Saturday, January 26, 2019

#372 : Jim Dan Dee - Jim Dan Dee

2018 –Jim Dan Dee

By Phillip Smith; January 26, 2019

Jim Dan Dee, the debut self-titled album from Toronto-based Jim Dan Dee is a high-energy and bluesy listen.  The band name itself stems from the expression, “Everything is just Jim Dandy”, and defines the essence of their music. The phrase also defines the front-man singer/guitarist Jim Stefanuk aka Jim Dan Dee.   Along with Stefanuk, the rest of the band is comprised of bassist Brian McCarthy, saxophonist Jason “Bobby” Sewerynek, and drummer Shawn Royal. 

With Royal and McCarthy dishing out a heart-pounding pulse, Stefanuk drives “Save My Soul” with a fearless hard-driving fashion, filling the song with catchy-as-hell riffs.  I love the sax accompaniment, and the angelic backing vocals from “Sweet” Jules Cordosa.  “Payday” packs quite a wallop too.   A fistful of swagger and Jim’s gravelly take-charge voice take this song to the next level.  “When You Move Like That” shines with the spirit of John Lee Hooker as it races through the speakers.  The jam on this is very nice indeed, filled with backing keys played by Jesse Karwat and blasts of sax to punch it up.  Jim Dan Dee takes a suave yet ominous approach with “Killer”.  This is such a fabulously composed song, and Jim’s guitar prowess is styleful and captivating.  Stefanuk confronts Old Scratch himself in “Walking Shoes”, as he closes the album out with a little bit of grease and shaker full of psychedelia.  It’s terrific.     

Bulletproof and dripping with cool, Jim Dan Dee has surely been one my favorite surprises this year.  It’s quite the album.


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