Saturday, June 1, 2019

#394 : Sean Taylor - The Path Into the Blue

2019 – Sean Taylor Songs
By Phillip Smith; June 1, 2019

The Path Into the Blue, the ninth full-length album from London-based singer-songwriter Sean Taylor is absolutely remarkable.  I love how this beat-poet troubadour underscores the social issues of today with his expertly crafted lyrics.  Then with a blanket of soulful, funky, and rootsy music, his message is beautifully delivered.  With Taylor on vocals and guitars, and electric piano, Mark Hallman takes on the bass, suitcase drums, electric piano, and Hammond organ.

A groovy disco-infused rhythm is the backdrop as Taylor tears off his quick-fire rant against Brexit, hipster culture, addictions, corporate greed, and the dark side of the internet in “This is England”.  Wordless backing vocals from Stephanie Daulong add a very cool Pink Floyd-esque touch to the song.  The 2013 Lampedusa migrant shipwreck is the melancholic subject of “Lampedusa”.  Andre Moran makes a guest appearance on guitar for this beautifully executed performance.  The sounds of a pedal steel guitar played by Henry Senior gently ushers the melodic “In the Name of God” into play.  However, when the saxophone and backing vocals finally arrive, this floaty anti-hate song delightfully breaks the boundaries between country, jazz, and gospel.  Taylor’s slightly gravelly vocals and the irresistible, delicate melody on “Tobacco and Whiskey” naturally remind me of the finest works of the great Tom Waits.  It is definitely one of my favorites.

The album is certainly an amazing listen.  I highly recommend it.


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