Saturday, July 4, 2020

#452 : Jeff Fetterman - Southern Son

2020 – Green Tea Music

 By Phillip Smith; July 4, 2020


Southern Son, the latest release from Jeff Fetterman has quickly garnered my affection.   Produced by Christoffer ‘Kid’ Andersen and recorded in California at Greaseland Studios, this twelve-track record is chockful of riveting blues-rock, with a tasty side of funk.  With Fetterman on guitar and vocals, his band is comprised of guitarist Eric Brewer, bassist Ralph Reitinger III, and drummer John McGuire.  Also appearing is John Halbleib on trumpet, Ric ‘Mightybone’ Feliciano on trombone, Doug Rowan on saxophone, and Kid Andersen on guitar, organ, piano, percussion and background vocals. 

Fetterman’s searing guitar on his high-energy opener “I Don’t Want To” sounds great with the horn-infused band and organ accompaniment.  The legendary tale of Robert Johnson’s pact with the Devil at the crossroads is a delightful and fun homage in “49/61”.  From the opening riff on “Ain’t Got You”, I’m hooked.  This big and bluesy hit infectiously rocks.  I love how “Blues for Charlie” gently drifts skyward-bound, like “Breathe” from Pink Floyd.  Beautifully executed, and performed, this instrumental is utterly remarkable.  Just as this track ends, Fetterman rolls into the only cover song on the album, “All Along the Watchtower”.  Here he takes a magical Isaac Hayes-inspired intro, before kicking the song into high-gear with a jaw-dropping guitar and vocal performance.  Behind the drums, McGuire grabs my attention fast with his thunderous and majestic beats.  This is my favorite track on the album.  Fetterman and company give up the funk on an incredible instrumental called “Voodoo Funk”.  It is another absolutely amazing song. 

 Fetterman’s Southern Son surely shines, and is one spectacular listen.                      


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