Saturday, July 11, 2020

#453 : Dave Fields - Force of Will

2020 – Dave Fields 

By Phillip Smith; July 11, 2020


I’ve been a fan of Dave Fields since reviewing his All In album which was released in 2014.  This New York City blues-rocker is such a remarkable musician, he never ceases to impress me with each new release.  He has risen to a whole new level with Force of Will, his latest album.  This record featuring ten tracks of all-original songs and is an amazing listen. 

Fields fabulously kick-starts the record off with a high-energy anthem of affection called “I Love My Baby”.  His infectious guitar riff and soulful vocals are accompanied with a delightful bluesy blast of harmonica from Bill Ferris.  Following up is hard-driving rocker “Big Block”.  Jam-packed with gobs of luscious, screaming guitar licks and astounding thunder-filled beats from drummer Van Romaine, this one is a monster. 

With a soulful slow-cooked delivery, Fields doles out gut-wrenching, down-home blues with “Why Can’t You Treat Me Right”.  Bassist Bjørn Hägset and drummer Käre Amundsen recording their parts from Molde Norway provide the rhythm section for this track. 

 Like Van Halen’s “Eruption” which lead into their cover of the Kink’s “You Really Got Me”, Fields’ “Delmar” is a short yet intense guitar instrumental leading up to another mind-blowing instrumental called “Jack Ham Her”.  The latter, with Erik Boyd on bass and Romaine on drums, grabs my full attention as it quickly reminds me of how in awe I was of Joe Satriani when I first heard Surfing with the Alien.  These two astonishing tracks tremendously caught me by surprise.   

Records like Dave Fields’ Force of Will keep me optimistic on the future of music.  The album is a great listen from start to finish.


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