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2024 – Guitar One Records

By Phillip Smith; May 5, 2024

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Silver Lining the fifth and most recent album from Misty Blues is filled with eleven amazing all-original blues performances. Celebrating their twenty-fifth year together, this Massachusetts-based blues band is led by vocalist and cigar box guitarist Gina Coleman, with Seth Fleischmann on guitar, Bill Patriquin on bass, Rob Tatten on drums, Aaron Dean on sax, and Diego Mongue on bass/guitar/drums/pedal steel.

Coleman’s angelic voice ushers in the listening experience on “Seduction by Blues” with guest harp player Ed Moran, lulling me in for a big surprise. The whole band breaks into a furious, feral delivery with crashing drums, swirling keys, and squealing horns. It’s downright amazing. Title-track “Silver Lining” slides in next with a cool, smokey fifties jazz vibe. Fleishmann tears off a searing guitar performance. The rhythm is cooking and Dean’s sax is so hot, it’s pert near volcanic. “Shake These Blues” is a vibrant southern soul rocker which brings to mind those songs I love from the Black Crowes. They way the band weaves a Latin influence into a blues-meets-jazz piece “Sofrito My Blues” is very intriguing. There’s a lot going on with this song and I find a new ear-catching morsal with every listen. With an infectious opening riff “Enough Lovin’ For Two” comes to life. It’s a big funky song with sultry vocals, hot guitar licks, and a steamy sax delivery.

Misty Blues takes big-band blues to whole new level with Silver Lining. It’s a terrific album.



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