Saturday, December 27, 2014

Toulouse Engelhardt - Mind Gardens

2014 – Lost Grove Arts  
By Phillip Smith; Dec 27, 2014

I absolutely love it when I hear an album for the first time, and the music totally captivates me.  That’s what happened upon my first listen of Toulouse Engelhardt’s fabulously composed instrumental album, Mind Gardens.  This thirteen track masterpiece is a trove of acoustic guitar forged treasures.

Engelhardt lulls the listener in with “Nierika”.  Softly played, this song brings forth a general mood of peace and tranquility.  Following right behind, is “Theme to the First Annual Bluebelly Lizard Roundup”.  This flawless performance opens up with amazing, fast licks, and came to be one of my favorite tracks.  Another favored selection is Engelhardt’s twelve string performance of Francis Poulanc’s “Sarabande”.  This song hits me with an instant familiarity and puts a big smile on my face.    

As Henry David Thoreau wrote about Walden Pond, Engelhardt expresses his affinity for nature through a piece called “Huckleberry Meadows Forever”. Inspired by Huckleberry Meadows in the Sierra Nevada, this song, beautifully played on a twelve string guitar, emits a wave of calmness.   

One of the biggest treats on Mind Gardens is a mind blowing cover of “the Wedge”, originally recorded by the King of Surf, Dick Dale.  This is a perfect song for Engelhardt to showcase his incredible guitar playing skills.  Showing his guitar no mercy, Engelhardt keeps true to the original spirit of the song, brandishing a fast and furious performance.

To hear an expert guitarist, such as Engelhardt, play is pure joy.  Mind Gardens is not just an album, it’s an aural experience.

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