Saturday, January 17, 2015

Rachelle Coba - Mother Blues

2014 – Mono Records  
By Phillip Smith; Jan 17, 2015

Mother Blues is the name of the debut album from Wichita, Kansas native Rachelle Coba, and an appropriate name it is.  This blueswoman writes, sings, and plays lead guitar.  By the way, she does it all extremely well.  Coba is undoubtedly the ‘whole enchilada’.  Backing her on this treasure chest full of tunes is upright bass player David M. Santos, and drummer Karl T. Himmel.

A favorite track about one of my favorite cities is “Never Been to Memphis”.  Hearing Coba sing her way down a list of all the cool Memphis sites, brings back wonderful memories of being in the Bluff City.  Her raspy voice is an excellent match for her guitar playing.  This bluesy boogie is accompanied by Ray Murry on piano.

“Ain’t Got Time (to Fall in Love)”, slides in like melted butter, as Coba belts out the lyrics with a ton of soul, which is then poured over a big bowlful of tasty little guitar licks.  One of the most beautifully played songs is “Between the Tracks”. Sung soft and sultry, I absolutely love this ballad.     

Coba gets the blood pumping again on “Chicago” a fun and bouncing ditty, ironically about high hopes gone bad.  “Telephone Song” taps into the deep well of classic blues, with Ron Taylor setting the mood with the help of his Hammond organ.  Coba’s guitar is impressive, on this slow and hearty track.

When it comes to blues musicians, Coba is the real deal.  It’s such a delight to find an album such as Mother Blues.  It definitely hits the spot.    


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