Friday, August 7, 2015

Elmo Karjalainen - The Free Guitar Album

2015 –KC Sound, Finland
By Phillip Smith; Aug. 7, 2015

Finnish guitarist Elmo Karjalainen’s latest venture and his second solo album is an extraordinary showcase of guitar mastery.   The Free Guitar Album features eight original compositions. Download the digital version of the album for free off Karjalainen’s own website, or purchase a hard copy CD, and get three additional tracks, featuring alternate guitar solos. 

It’s awe-inspiring to hear Karjalainen tear through the opening track, simply named “Instrumental”, with tremendous force.  I love the display of versatility as this track segues into “Don’t Quit Yer Day Job”, an intriguing melody with a funky rhythm not afraid to show its metal underbelly.

Karjalainen shows his softer side on “She Sleeps on the Moon”, an amazingly beautiful composition providing a lush and trippy listen.  Another track taking ownership of his softer side is the peaceful and floaty “Relax”, a wonderful piece for meditation.   

Karjalainen is a phenomenal guitarist, and The Free Guitar Album is a sweet deal.  Visit his website, and give it a listen.  

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