Saturday, September 26, 2015

David Gogo - Vicksburg Call

2015 –Cordova Bay Records
By Phillip Smith; Sep 26, 2015

Canadian blues guitarist David Gogo delivers outstanding electric guitar blues in pure album storytelling fashion via his fourteenth record, Vicksburg Call.  Gogo steps through each of the ten songs like a separate chapter in this narration of a bad breakup.  Gogo's stellar band consists of Jay Stevens (bass guitar, vox, piano), Bill Hicks (drums, percussion), Marisha Devoin (acoustic bass), and Rich Hopkins (Hammon organ).    

“Cuts Me to the Bone” is hard rockin’ Texas style blues that pulls me right in to his world. With an intro that pays homage to Neil Young, and a rhythm that fits really comfortable, the song screams to be turned up loud.  I also have to mention “What’s Not to Like” which boasts one hell of a catchy hook.  I like the frugally peppering of slide guitar on this one. The legendary Kim Simmonds (Savoy Brown), guitar in hand, joins in for “Fooling Myself”.  This one is one big bowl of blues.   

I love his spacy psychedelic take on Neil Young’s “The Loner” with the cool as hell bass line from StevensGogo’s slathering of raw and fuzzy goodness on his guitar riffs grabs my attention as the song melts in my ears. A big surge of empathy erupts as Gogo distraughtly sings “There’s a Hole”, about the hole in his life that his woman used to fill. The finishing touches of harmonica from special guest Shawn Hall pull the heartstrings even tighter.  Gogo masterfully tackles Stephen Stills’ “Jet Set (Sigh)” too.  His guitar performance on this track is phenomenal.  The unexpected treat on this album appears on the final track.  Gogo beautifully puts his unique spin on Annie Lennox’s “Why”, singing it with fortitude of conviction.

Amazing guitar performances and great songs make Vicksburg Call a captivating listen.  


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