Saturday, September 26, 2015

Andrè Bisson - Left With the Blues

2015 –Andre’ Bisson
By Phillip Smith; Sep 26, 2015

There’s something magical about the multi-talented Andrè Bisson and his latest release, Left With the Blues. The band, made up of vocalist/guitarist/pianist Bisson, saxophonist Bill Holinaty, trumpeter Loretta Hale, bassist Kevin Beeby, and drummer Glenn Paul, is one extremely tight group of musicians with a keen flair for blending blues with soul, funk, and gospel.  Bisson’s songwriting talent shines on this magnificent album. 

Bisson’s vocals drip with emotion as he sings the title track, “Left with the Blues”.   He reminds me so much of Chris Robinson (Black Crowes) on this one.  This slow heartfelt song sounds spectacular accented with the horns.  Bisson gives a flawless performance on his cover of Tommy McClennan’s beloved blues standard “Crosscut Saw”.  It’s a treat to hear the very talented blues harp player Jerome Godboo sit in on “Deepest Kind of Mean”.   When I hear him play, it leaves no doubt why he won Best Harmonica Player at the International Blues Challenge in 2014.  This bluesy melodious treat is indeed a favorite.

Left With the Blues closes with “Brand New Day”, a joyous and spirited song fit for a revival.  This one has such a big and full sound, it brings a smile to my face.  The entire album is an outstanding listen.    

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