Sunday, July 17, 2016

The Paul DesLauriers Band - Relentless

2016 – Big Toe Productions
By Phillip Smith; July 17, 2016

Relentless, the follow-up to the self-titled 2014 album from The Paul DesLauriers Band is a riveting electric blues album to say the least.  Singer/guitarist extraordinaire Paul DesLauriers takes the helm of this ship manned by a magnificent rhythm section, bassist Greg Morency and drummer Sam Harrison.

In “Stewtro Rock (Just Got Back)”, DesLauriers breaks loose with guitar in hand like a furious and caffeinated bat out of hell, soaring all the way until its mind-blowing climax.  The energy stays high in “I’m Your Man”.  Walking the narrow line between blues and rockabilly, DesLauriers doles out Memphis-style riffs while Morency keeps the rhythm going with a boogie-laced bassline. DesLauriers gets nice and swampy with “Still Under My Skin”, while hopelessly pining over lost love.  The jam on the bridge is absolutely amazing.  DesLauriers unleashes a wondrous wall of guitar sound while Harrison dishes out a stellar and thunderous performance on drums.  I also can’t help but gravitate towards the beautiful eight and a half minute power ballad “If I Still Had You”.  As the tension slowly builds, I crank the volume to fully embrace the lovely intense jam which follows.                 

More often than not, as the last song on the album finishes, instead of replacing the disc with another, I’ll just let it ride for another spin.  That must be why this album is so suitably named, Relentless


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