Sunday, July 9, 2017

Craig Erickson - All the Way

2017 – Fervor Music

By Phillip Smith; July 9, 2017

It’s hard to believe it has been twenty five years since Craig Erickson’s fabulous breakout blues-rock album, Roadhouse Stomp hit the shelves.  His latest, All the Way is an exquisite ten track shot of serious guitar-centric rock and roll featuring the great Jeff Martin (Badlands, Racer X, Blindside Blues Band, Michael Schenker, Dokken) on drums. 

Intense and hypnotic, the grinding rhythm on “Breakthrough” demands my full attention and begs to be heard at a high volume.  Erickson’s positivity shines brightly in “Like a Bird”, a beautiful track which soulfully soars skyward.  “Touch The Sky” is absolutely superb.  Erickson’s guitar performance is searing hot, and sounds terrific alongside Martin’s thunderous drumming.  A monster riff and a marching beat are the heart-pulse of “Underdog”, another favorite decorated with electrifying guitar licks.  “Never Give Up” hits the ground running down the red carpet with an extraordinary intro, and races to the finish line on a double-dose of adrenalin.

I love how Erickson cleverly weaves an inspirational theme of perseverance through this amazing record of guitar mastery.  This one is highly recommended for the guitar enthusiast.


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