Friday, December 8, 2017

#306 : Little G. Weevil - Something Poppin’

2017 – Vizztone
Release Date : Nov. 17, 2017

By Phillip Smith; Dec 8, 2017

Little G. Weevil’s latest release, Something Poppin’ is a fabulous mix of blues, R&B, soul and funk, infused with a hip hop beat.  Originally from Hungary, Gabor Szucs aka Little G. Weevil relocated to the United States in 2004 to immerse himself in the music and culture of The Blues.  Since then, he’s called Birmingham, Atlanta, and Memphis home at different points along the way. His music is so rich and full of texture, it’s no surprise: in 2013, he pulled down first place in the Solo/Duo category of the International Blues Challenge in Memphis, Tennessee.  Singer/songwriter/guitarist Little G. Weevil holds court with drummer extraordinaire Daniel Harper , bassist Marton Pfeff , guitarist Laci Borsodi, and on Hammond organ/Fender Rhodes/keys, Matyas Premecz.

An incredible surge of excitement plasters the wall as Little G drop-kicks the door wide open in “Here I Come Knocking”.  Harper’s beat effortlessly draws me in like a moth to a flame and that rocking opening riff sinks its claws in quick.  As the tune barrels right on, it clears a path for the rest of the album to slide right through.  It’s fantastic.  A hypnotic beat with smooth backing vocals from Sharika Allen Brown and Rebeka Easley Ellis make for a great hook in title track “Something Poppin’”.  G’s suave vocals fearlessly croon while I immensely enjoy his guitar performance.  The guitar licks G adds to the hill-country-blues-soaked “See Me in the Country” is phenomenal. I love the funky keys Premecz throws in too.  When I hear the introduction to Curtis Mayfield’s “Pusher Man” from the 1972 film Super Fly, I crank that volume way up.  This is one super delicious cover, for sure.  The ripping rhythm of “Crawling” is slathered in soul. Amid the lush swirling keys, Little G sings this one with the conviction of Jimmy Vaughan of the Fabulous Thunderbirds, and blesses the listener with a healthy dose of stellar guitar playing.  It sounds so good.

Little G. Weevil scores huge with this album. Something Poppin’ is an absolute delight!

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